Company Profile

Rivers Locking Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd business roots extend back to 1926.  The AMgroup acquired the Rivers business in 1994.  Today Rivers manufactures a range of locks and physical security solutions with our prime focus on security for commercial and industrial buildings.

Our products are designed to restrict unauthorized access both at the perimeter of the property or building and internally through physical barriers.  They include heavy duty security doors, fire rated doors, ballistic rated doors, heavy duty door frames, roller shutters, security windows, bandit rated windows, ballistic rated windows, security locks, multiple point locking systems for hinge doors and roller shutters, fire rated locks, security hardware, door grilles, window grilles, anti-ram devices, security screens, security gates, and automatic gates.

Robust physical barriers are an essential part of any overall building security system.  Electronic surveillance on its own will not provide adequate security protection.  Substantial physical barriers act as a deterrent due to the amount of time, noise and effort to breach these barriers.  Increasing the time for vandals or burglars to gain access to buildings allows time for security personnel to react to alarms activated by electronic systems and reach remotely monitored areas or premises.  Reducing the time villains are on site reduces their ability to shift goods, damage records or vandalise the premises.  With any luck they will get caught in the act.

Rivers philosophy is to provide obvious and substantial perimeter physical security that will deter and or frustrate unauthorised access.  Should constraints exist in relation to perimeter security Rivers will provide heavy duty internal physical security to protect areas of high risk loss or disruption.

Rivers specialise in manufacturing custom made products to suit specific security needs.  Our sales and design staff work closely with our clients to provide a security solution for the particular site or situation.

Our sales staff is happy to discuss all elements of physical security no matter how large or small the project.  We have designed and developed products to suit special needs or applications.  The Rivers product catalogue shows only our basic product lines.

Our products are of the highest quality and are manufactured by us in Australia.  We can provide a range of colour finishes through our in house powder coat paint line.

Should you require further information or wish to discuss your specific security solution requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales consultants.