High Security Door Units


Rivers Heavy Duty Security Door Units, complete with metal clad doors and “wrap around” pressed metal door frames offer the ultimate in solid core door security. The door leaf consists of a moisture resistant solid timber core, pan sheeted with 1.6mm Zincanneal steel on the external face and edges as standard. A second pan sheet can be added to the internal face and edges to create a interlocking pan sheet system to withstand the most forceful of jemmy attacks.

In addition to pan sheeting, the door core can be lined with hardened ‘K700’ prison grade anti-drill steel. This represents the pinnacle of vandal-resistant door specification.

The Rivers Door Frame is a “split frame” design and is made from 2mm Zincanneal steel.  The Rivers Door Frame comes in two pieces in order for it to wrap-around the entire thickness of the wall, preventing vandals from cutting out the entire jamb as is possible with a standard door frame. The frame is fixed through the entire thickness of the wall section and welded at the meeting point of the front and back frame sections.

Hinges are safe-style heavy duty ball bearing hinges. Anti-liftoff pins are fitted as standard to prevent the door being removed from the opening should vandals attempt to cut the hinges. In conjunction with Rivers four or two point locks, a total of six or four locking points (respectively) are achieved.

The Heavy Duty Security Door Unit is not limited to standard opening/door sizes. Rivers will fabricate a Door Unit in a single or double door configuration to suit any opening.  Optional extras include, but are not limited to, security air relief grills, bandit-resistant or bullet-proof glass viewing panels, eye viewers, door seals and security hatches for cash handling.


Rivers Heavy Duty Security Door Units are recommended for in strong and safe rooms, document storage and archives areas, financial institutions, schools, government buildings, shopping centers, council amenities buildings, computer rooms, warehouses, record storage rooms, retail outlets, front and rear entry doors and fire exits.  Rivers Heavy Duty Security Door Units are ideal for any building perimeter or internal application where security and protection of life and property is critical.


Standard hardware supplied with a Rivers Heavy Duty Security Door Unit includes heavy duty ball-bearing hinges and two (2) off anti-lift off pins per door leaf.  It is strongly recommended that the Door Unit be fitted with a Rivers Model D two point locking bar or Rivers four point locking system.  Other standard door hardware can be fitted to suit the application.  Refer to Rivers sales staff for advice.


Standard finish is a grey zinc rich primer leaving the door and frame in a ready to paint condition. Durable polyester powder coat can be applied in any standard Dulux colour upon request. Special colours are also available.


Rivers split frame comes in two sections.  When positioned in the opening, the back halve of the frame meets the front halve of the frame to fully encompass the wall.  The frame halves are then welded together and fixed through the entire thickness of the wall using four bolts in each side jamb. The door blade is then hung complete with anti-lift off pins.  If a Rivers two or four point lock is specified it will be factory fitted to the door blade making site installation quicker and easier.  Rivers can provide experienced installers to correctly fit the Door Unit ensuring security and reliable service.

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High Security Door Units

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